Seven Days of Interactive Learning to Build Your Career in Music

We believe your best shot at forging a path in the music industry is to work on your career collaboratively.

It takes more than a course. More than persistence. And much, much more than luck.

No more going it alone, no more staying stuck, no more pushing yourself blindly through the process. 

Join us for seven daily experiences that will leave you feeling inspired, challenged and refreshed; and with completed work in your hands, ready to put into action. 

Welcome to a new & more efficient way of making progress on your career.

This Event is Made For....

Independent Working Musicians

You have great music. You're working long hours. You're ticking all the boxes of what everyone tells you to do. But your pathway still feels super confusing. We get it; we know what it's like to be an artist, and to work with them too. 

The tricky part is, you've probably been sold quick fixes in the past, and online events can feel dubious. We want you to know this isn't the regular 'free online workshop'; this is a series of events to help you get real work done on your career. 

We know what you need, and it's much, more than information. Join us for seven days & we'll set you up on the right path!

Next-Gen Music Professionals

We see you over there; hustling away, doing great work. You're busy making things happen for you and the artists you serve. We applaud you! We also know you don't have it all figured out either; it can be hard for you to let your guard down. 

You're meant to be a brave face in a cruel industry, after all. We believe in a new type of industry pro; one that's compassionate before competitive and that gets supported as often as they support. Our events are built with you in mind. 

Whether you give expertise or gain it, we know you'll benefit from these seven days too as we give you tools to use on your career as well as your clients! 

Get Inspired:

Sometimes you need a new idea or way of thinking. Or to see someone else's path so you know what you should do next. Our mission is to help you:

  • See the pathways of successful artists.
  • Learn opportunities as well as pitfalls.
  • Experience a new way of growing your career.

Get Savvy:

Getting busy on the business end of your career shouldn't be as daunting as it seems; it's entirely within your reach! We want you to feel like you've totally got this, so we'll help you:  

  • Grow your creative & business network.
  • Improve your social media strategy.
  • Become an uber-productive professional.

Get Tactical:

It can't just be about gaining smarts; the missing link is how we put this into action. Throughout the entire event, you'll be completing work, step-by-step. We'll also help you walk away with:

  • Your own personalized learning system.
  • A post-event action plan to follow on with.
  • A support system to help you long term.

Get Together:

We're on a mission to make online learning a lot more personal. In the long run, we believe you will benefit more from who you know, not what you know; so, we've built an event that will help you:  

  • Meet collaborative partners.
  • Engage in lively and tactical discussions.
  • Build a support network around you.

Introducing: Your Hosts for This Live Event

Host & Facilitator

Host & Facilitator

& Featuring These Very Special Guests:

The Rock/Star Advocate


Electric Kiwi

What Are You Waiting For?

Get Inspired, Upskill, Meet Collaborators and More at This One of a Kind Live Interactive Experience  

🎉 100% Live & 100% Free. No spam, no gimmicks, no sleazy sales pitches. 🎉

Thursday Nov 1st

5pm (EDT) / 2pm (PDT) / 9pm (GMT)

/ 8am AEDT Friday Nov 2nd

 "It's a Collaborative Journey"

Hosted By: Angela Mastrogiacomo & Steve Palfreyman  

A successful music career can't be built alone. You're told you need to build a team to grow your audience, yet you need an audience to attract your team. Our opening event is an introduction to the future we see; where the communities we create together serve as the support system and the launchpad. We'll explore new ways of collaborating while showing you how to get the most out of this week-long conference.


Friday Nov 2nd

5pm (EDT) / 2pm (PDT) / 9pm (GMT)

/ 8am AEDT Saturday Nov 3rd

Behind the Music Launch of "Rivals"

Featuring: Rivals, Hosted By: Angela Mastrogiacomo & Steve Palfreyman

In order to a build a successful music career, it sure helps to see how others have done it first. We are excited to bring you behind the music launch of "Rivals" - an uber-talented dark pop/rock band who are massively on the rise! The band has toured with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and played Warped Tour Pomona and San Diego. They've had premieres on Billboard and Alt Press and over 1 million Spotify streams of their debut album released earlier this year. By the end of this session, you'll have seen inside the journey of a band building an independent career on their terms.  

Artist Interview

Saturday Nov 3rd

5pm (EDT) / 2pm (PDT) / 9pm (GMT)

/ 8am AEDT Sunday Nov 4th

"Brand It, Plan It, Hype It, Launch It."

Featuring: Suzanne Paulinski, Ross Barber-Smith & Angela Mastrogiacomo, Hosted By: Steve Palfreyman

Four topics that interlink, just like the careers of the panelists. In celebration of this event, where we're showcasing the power of collaborations, we bring you four independent music professionals that have collaborated for years on their individual journeys launching & supporting the careers of independent artists all over the globe. Together, we'll explore the convergence of branding yourself, getting organized, running effective PR and tying it all into a vibrant launch campaign.

Panel Discussion

Sunday Nov 4th

5pm (EDT) / 2pm (PDT) / 10pm (GMT)

/ 9am AEDT Monday Nov 5th

"Being Your Best Digital Self"

Hosted By: Angela Mastrogiacomo & Steve Palfreyman

Often underappreciated, digital etiquette and your online presentation is playing an increasingly important role in your ability to grow effective collaborations. We'll take you through a brand new workshop designed to help you be your best digital self, collaborate across borders (even if you are new to virtual networking) and prepare to put yourself out into the digital world with confidence. By the end, you'll be an empowered digital citizen, with completed work to show for your efforts.


Monday Nov 5th

6pm (EDT) / 3pm (PDT) / 11pm (GMT)

/ 10am AEDT Tuesday Nov 6th

"Your Social Media Revamp"

Hosted By: Angela Mastrogiacomo & Steve Palfreyman

Using our community members as case studies, we'll walk you through a number of social media profiles giving a critique of how and where they can improve their online presence. We'll cover things like branding, content and marketing strategy to help them get more from their channels, more easily. You'll be able to take every example and dissect the guidance to use for your channels too.

Live Critique

Tuesday Nov 6th

5pm (EDT) / 2pm (PDT) / 10pm (GMT)

/ 9am AEDT Wednesday Nov 7th

"The Rise of Ari Herstand"

Hosted by: Angela Mastrogiacomo & Steve Palfreyman

Documenting the career of a highly successful independent artist, Ari Herstand, we'll take you on a journey of what it looks like to build a world-renowned career either as an independent artist and/or an industry professional. By the end of this session, we hope you'll see the myriad of directions you can travel down and have ideas to implement for yourself. This session will be just as useful for the emerging musician as it will the next-gen industry pro as we dive deep into the rise of one of our biggest inspirations out there working today.  

Case Study

Wednesday Nov 7th

5pm (EDT) / 2pm (PDT) / 10pm (GMT)

/ 9am AEDT Thursday Nov 8th

"No Blueprint Required"

Hosted by: Angela Mastrogiacomo & Steve Palfreyman

Our final session is somewhat of a segue into a topic we plan to cover more deeply in the future. We believe that more than a blueprint, you need to know how to make decisions for yourself and how to back yourself when you make them. If you know what strategies to follow verbatim and where your creativity can unleash, you set yourself up for building a successful career that looks and feels uniquely yours. We'll show you how to truly find "your own way" and how to implement an effective workflow with everything you've learned at this event.

Closing Keynote

Information is everywhere; true wisdom is not. This event is unlike much of what you see online.

We're a music community through and through; we only get to succeed if you do too. That's why we've designed this online experience from beginning to end with your best interests and most compelling needs, at the forefront. You will experience:

Live & Personalized Access.

We've done away with pre-recorded video so we can capture the power of a live audience with live discussion. You can chat alongside other attendees and pose questions for the speakers, all in real-time. Don't worry if you can't attend live though; the replays will be available on-demand too.

Genuinely Brilliant Content.

We're not new to the industry, live streaming or education and events. Your creators here pack a combined two decades of industry experience, a decade in music education and 5+ years running live streamed events. We don't work halfheartedly, and this event is no exception.  

Concrete, Actionable Plans.

We've all been to conferences where you walk out of the room, and all you learned about was someone's career highlights reel. Or worse, you join a free webinar only to get an hour of sales tactics and a 4-figure price tag waiting for you at the end. It sucks. We're creating a new breed of events, where the information is tactical, practical and flat out works.

+ an Exclusive Invitation.

You might be wondering how is event can be put on for free with only one sponsor. Well, over the next few weeks we will be unveiling a new music community; a place for the serious artists and industry pros to come together and get real work done on their careers. This event is just the beginning of events sponsored by Co., and you'll get a chance to apply first.

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Seven Daily Experiences to Help You Grow Your Career in Music; Your Way, Your Terms.

🎉 100% Live & 100% Free. No spam, no gimmicks, no sleazy sales pitches. 🎉

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